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For many of you Prom may only be a few weeks off now. By now the dress will have been chosen, the shoes selected, and the makeup thought about. So here to help you in planning your prom hairstyle is a rundown of the latest hair fashion trends hot off the world's catwalks and red carpets. These are the styles that will certainly influence what styles are spotted at proms all over the country this year. 

Femininity and romance are dominating the spring/summer collections of the world's top fashion houses. At recent shows, swathes of chiffon enveloped the catwalks not only in evening wear but also in delicate tops to match with tailored pants and day skirts. Chanel's ready-to-wear collection featured playful chiffon sundresses, and even the ultimate rock-chick Stella McCartney's latest collection has been described as a "dreamy and ethereal" affair. On the red carpet at the recent award ceremonies too, we have seen the celebrities turned out in ultra feminine dresses. Commentators have labelled Sarah Jessica Parker's Golden Globe ensemble as "sweet", and Charlize Theron as looking "romantic". It was McCartney who was responsible for one of the more remarkable red carpet transformations. At this year's Oscars she transformed the often leather clad and and androgynous Annie Lennox into a Princess for the night. Wearing a beautiful 1930s-inspired ice blue silk satin gown, Lennox positively wafted along.

Accompanying these soft and pretty clothes, hair has also taken a soft and pretty turn. Wave and curl are making a come back with Vogue even heralding the return of the perm. It seems the reign of the hair straighteners may be finally coming to an end. Ever since Jennifer Aniston first flipped her famously straight locks across our TV screens, women everywhere have spent hours removing any wave, bounce or body from their hair. At the Oscars, it seemed only Holly Hunter seems to be the only Hollywood star still attached to her hair straightener. For the others it was elegant updos along with waves and curls. With Jennifer herself sporting soft waved hair at the Golden Globes it seems that women all over the world will lay down their straighteners.

For Prom, this means that soft waved down dos and curled and waved updos will be seen on the most fashionable. Soft and slightly unfinished dos will predominate, and half up/half down dos will also prove popular. Although hair is set to fall naturally this season, it is important to remember that this look requires time in the salon. Try some layers around the face to create instant softness and romance. This hair cut will be perfect for wearing hair up, down or somewhere in between.

Don't Want to do Romantic - The Alternatives!

Let's face it, the romantic look is not for us all. While the middle decades of the twentieth century are influencing the romantic look, for a more edgy style, look to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. At their Spring Showing, Gucci had models with heavy pageboy hair cuts straight from the streets of 1960s swinging London. Chunky bobs are big this season, especially when they are choppy, texturized and ultra-messy. Reinvent this style with multi-dimensional color. Try bleaching and darkening sections of your hair a la Kelly Osbourne.

The other mod look making a strong showing for Prom is the ultra-cropped Twiggy look. This is a style that has been catching on ever since Alyssa Milano of Charmed graced our screens sporting this cut hair cut.

From the "I though I would never see it" files come this season's other hot edgy look - the mullet. After years of being an object of ridicule, the mullet is making a comeback on some of the most fashionable of heads. Try updating this "classic" by going for an asymmetrical mullet.

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